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Our promise for RS2 Gold Money sending is 3 mins-10mins RS2.After you pay, please contact with our online support ASAP, then to make a fixed time to complete the trade. Since the trade should be face to face, so we hope you can feel free to contact with our online support when you have any problem.

  Postbag from the Hedge

Postie Pete's back from his travels once again, bringing you replies from some very odd and some very clever NPCs. Evil Bob explains what ScapeRune is really like, the H.A.M. leader defends his fashion choice and Melzar rambles in a suitably mad way. On top of this, the Wise Old Folk have gone a bit creative, and have a selection of short haiku (poems) for you.

The artwork that Reldo has uncovered showing one of the ancient foes of Varrock is also available for download as a wallpaper. It's a bit creepy and very dark; but what else can you expect from one of RuneScape's ancient villains?



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